Monaco 2012 Hamann memoR McLaren MP4 12C Video

If you thought that the McLaren MP4-12C was a boring looking supercar, designed for efficiency rather than impRelationships & Familyressing people, Hamann can hook you up with something thats both more track-focused and outlandish looking. The tuner brought their brand new MemoR kit to Top Marques 2012 in Monaco, where LambofanX took this video for us. The cosmetic enhancements include big splitter on the front and plenty of added aero components, including a big wing that sits on top of the cars existing wing. Besides the widebody kit, the car also comes with light alloy wheels and a red-on-black paintjob. The German tuner has not revealed a price for this kit, and it might not be for sale yet, as a power increase for the 3.8-liter turbo V8 has not been announced.

Je Design SEAT Ibiza Facelift Photo Gallery

When SEAT released the facelifted version of the Ibiza, we were pretty sure that Je Design, a tuner that is obsessed by the Spanish automotive producer, would give it its own flavor and were here now to show it to you. Je Design has gifted the Ibiza with goodies that target its exterior, as well as its tech side and we shall start with the first. The tuner offers a front bumper add-on element, side skirts, a rear diffuser that uses a carbon fiber look, as well as a roof spoiler. All the parts are made from ABS plastic. Under the bonnet, we get ECU remaps: for now, the tuner played with the 1.2-liter TSI and the 1.6-liter TDI engiBusinessnes, but the company promised to cover more powerplants in the future. In addition to that, Je Design also offers a set of lowering springs that brings the car 35 mm closer to the road, as well as new lightweight alloy wheels that come in sizes of 17- and 18-inch.❐ Check out the Je Design SEAT Ibiza Facelift SC photo gallery

Audi R8 V10 Gifted with ADV1 Wheels Photo Gallery

The Audi R8 has recently received a facelift, but the visual changes brought by the revamp are limited, which means that the aftermarket world has no problem with offering us developments based on the old model. The latest one of this kind comes from Advance One Wheels, with the US tuning specialist offering a new set of shoes to a V10-Parties & Entertainingpowered R8 coupe. A white example of the supercar was fitted with ADV05DC wheels – these use a simple, five double-spoke design that isnt too far from that featured by the OEM wheels, albeit those on the V8 model. The rims use a brushed finish, which is also pretty close to that of the one of the stock wheels. However, the ADV.1 wheels come with a deep concave profile that makes them stand out.❐ Check out the Audi R8 V10 on ADV.1 Wheels photo gallery

APS Modifies the Volkswagen Golf R

⌕ APS Volkswagen Golf RThe Volkswagen Golf is not only one of the top representatives of the hot hatch segment, but also a vehicle that comes with a high tuning potential. The latest aftermarket developer to take advantage of this is the British company APS. The company is offering a number of tech goodies for the 270 hp, all-wheel-drive incarnation of the Golf. The tuner allows customers to choose between two levels of power. Stage one comes with an ECU remap, which raises the power to 304 hp. This can be ordered for a price of GBP445 (including VAT). Stage two includes a Milltek large bore turbo down pipe, high flow sport catalyst, as well as a choice of Milltek stainless steel sports exhausts, which come with a switchable electronic exhaust valve, 2.75 inch bore tubing and dual 100mm ceramic black tailpipes. Customers who opt for the stage two upgrade can choose between a Milltek non-resonated cat-back system that is aimed at offering top performance and an extreme audio expe

Porsche 911 Speedster Gets Eisemann Exhaust Photo Gallery

Youd expect someone who goes and buys a car as exclusive as the Porsche 911 Speedster to be fully satisfied with every detail of his ride, down to the last screw. However, an automaker cant always cater to all your needs and the owner of the example in the adjacent image wasnt pleased with the voice of the vehicles flat six. The owner turned to Eisenmann to have a new exhaust system fitted. The tuner relied on its experience of working for Porsche and AMG to develop a new exhaust for the car. You see, Eisenmann had created the original exhaust for the Speedster, but Parentingthe legal limitations didnt allow the company to release the full voice of the engine. Thus, Eisenmann redesigned the internals of the Speedsters exhaust and also added a pair of valves that control the sound using a remote control.❐ Check out the Porsche 911 Speedster Eisemann Exhaust photo gallery

Welcome the Brembo Supersport Nickel CNC Rear Caliper

Good news for the riders of sport bikes: here's the Brembo Nickel Supersport CNC Rear Caliper, a nifty complement for those in search of more glamorous brake components for their mean machines. These rear calipers are derived from those actually used in the WSBK championship and are CNC machined in high-grElectronicsade aerospace billet aluminium. Even more, their comes with similar-specced rear brake pads, to provide the ultimate braking power. These calipers are a nice complement to the GP4RX series and will be available in both nickel and black versions. The black one are sold for $570 (€436) and $792 (€605) for the Japanese bikes, including the aluminium bracket, while the nickel one is $620 (€474), with the bracket version priced at $849 (€649).

Corvette Z06 Bi Turbo Gets Painted Green by GeigerCars

⌕ …fortunately that is not all they did to the Corvette. Leaving the bad choice of color aside, we should give the guys over at GeigerCars a lot of credit for the technical enhancements they've made to the Z06. After all, who would have thought that the 7.0l V8 engine, already developing 512 horsepower, can be made better? German tuner Karl Geiger took the Z06, gave it a look and said : "this is not enough". As a result and with the help of some technical makeovers (increasing cubic capacity, a turbocharger and the good old air/fuel supply improvements), the Corvette Z06 now has a 7.6l engine developing – we'd suggest you hold on to something – 890 horsepower and 940 Nm of torque. How did he do it? Modifications were made to the engine block, to the cylinder heads and the crank motions. Geiger employed amplified insert springs, spring cups made of titanium, sport camshafts as well as a 100 mm air mass flow meter. He added two turbocharger

2013 Range Rover Royster GT 500 by Hofele Design Previewed

The brand new Range Rover is leaving its work suit at home and putting on a sports jacket today. Germany tuning firm Hofele Design has sent us a couple of renderings of their next project. With the launch of the new model generation in early 2013, the Luxury Car Tuner Hofele Design from Germany offers a new product range for Range Rover. On the engine front, theyve promised us an increase in output of about 20%. Thus the Range Rover SDV8 4.4 has already been boosted from 339 HP up to 410 HP and the torque from 600 Nm up to 720 Nm. Hofele Design has also come up with a new exhaust tip design that simply replaces the factory fitted system with 4-tube stainless steel tailpipes in the style of "interlaced double oval" but keeps the factory mufflers. Also replacing the factory fitted wheels are a set of Hofele designer-wheels "REVERSO II" sized either 20- or 22-inch. In the interior Hofele-Design indulges with their own "Bi-Colour" leather design "Star-Li

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC Supersprint Exhaust Test Video

Just bought a Renault Clio RS for all the wrong reasons? Don't care about practicality and everyday usability and just want to drive aggressively aCraftsll the time? We're with you on that one and we know some guys from Italy who can help you. Supersprint has created a sports exhaust system for the new hot hatch from France and have released a video to show what it sounds like. It's very sporty, very rally car-like, considering this is only a 1.6-liter turbo. Supersprint has simultaneously developed two exhaust systems for the car, one called "Race" that is deep and loud and the other called "Street" that is more muffled for daily use but still superior to the stock. This particular setup is the "Road" setup and features downpipe, 100 cpsi cat, centre silencer and a silencer.

Brabus Introduces Tesla Roadster Sport Green Package

⌕ The tuners at Brabus have just released their first Tesla tuning package, developed din conjunction with electric charging station chain RWE. The Green Package addresses the Tesla Roadster Sport model and consists of a RWE-BRABUS electric car charger that comes complete with eco-friendly RWEComputer Software Eco-Power contingent for 30,000 km. Moreover, also included is a years pass for free use of all public RWE charging stations. Electric mobility for everyday use requires short charging times. With the RWE-BRABUS car charger our customers can recharge their cars three times faster than using a standard electrical outlet a range of 350 km in less than six hours, says Carolin Reichert, director of the E-Mobility business division at RWE. The tuning company also tweaked the vehicles appearance a bit by upgrading the front apron with an especially lightweight carbon-fiber front lip and daytime running lights integrated into the grille. The sides of the Tesla are upgraded with