Wiesmann MF5 V10 Black Bat from SchwabenFolia Photo Gallery

Wiesmanns are some of the coolest cars on the road today in our opinion. These rare beasts combine the modern day build quality of a German automaker with BMW performance engines and the traditional roadster layout. German tuners SchwabenFolia decided they could make the Wiesmann Roadster even cooper by playing with the MF5 V10 version to create a veritable batmobile. The new vehicle is called the Black Bat, since it got a matte black body, black 20-inch wheels and even a Batman logo round the back. The Black Bat also has a bit more power, thanks in part to a custom dual exhaust system, Craftsa 3-way catalytic converter and a reconstructed air filtration system, all of which increase the BMW V10s output from 560 hp to 600 hp. All these changes add up to make a big difference, since the Black Bat can chase down the first 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.5 seconds.❐ Check out the Wiesmann MF5 V10 Black Bat photo gallery

Trask Performance Announces Complete Turbo Installs In Sturgis

If you've been thinking about adding up some brutal extra power to your bike, a trip to the 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally could save you some money while at it, as Trask Performance announce they'll not only attend the event, but will also perform full turbo kit installs throuMoney Managingghout the South Dakota rally. Trask also announced some of the prices fore the job: for $6,500 (€4,895), riders get the turbo system with Thundermax tuning system and a 2 bar map sensor, delivering a whopping 60+ HP boost for the stock EFI Twin Cam Harley-Davidson bikes. The offer is available for the Sturgis Rally alone, and if you feel like adding turbo power to your H-D machinery, you'd better get in touch with Trask Performance and book an install, as the present deal is a first come first served affair.❐ Check out the Trask Performance turbo systems photo gallery

Vorsteiner Porsche 911 Turbo V RT

⌕ Vorsteiner Porsche 911 Turbo V-RTVorsteiner released an impressive visual rendition of the Porsche 911 Turbo, adding an aerodynamic body kit and a set of wheels. The Vorsteiner Porsche 911 V-RT was fitted with a newly redesigned front bumper cover that is constructed out of carbon fiber composite (CFRP). The aim is to achieve the best performance possible, with the new sporty add-on carbon fiber chin spoiler and larger duct openings to feed air into the front radiator. The fog lights were removed to save weight and refine styling. At the rear, the V-RT continues to emphasize on sport performance with the use of carbon fiber. The huge wing mounted on the carbon fiber decklid increases downforce and improves handling. Topping it all up is a replacement roof panel made of carbon fiber which reduces its weight by 55 lbs (25 kg). This lowers the centre of gravity, improving handling. Further reducing the overall weight of the car are 1 piece monoblock aluminum wheels and high perfo

BMW 6 Series Coupe on Vossen Concave Wheels Photo Gallery

It used to be the case that the M6 had the best sound, the best body and the most style in the 6-Series range, but now, every model is just as flexible and just as good looking. Starting with the base $74,400 640i coupe, you can have a luxury German mid-size two-door with 315 horsepower for everyday use. If money is not that Petsbig an issue, $85,500 will get you the 445 horsepower 650i. But whatever you do, dont just go a custom set of BMW wheels, because theres a lot of options out there from the aftermarket business. For this particular car, Vossen Wheel has chosen one of their older concave designs, the CV3, a simple six-spoke look with matte graphite finish. They are sized 22×9-inch for the front and a slightly bigger 22×10.5-inch at the back.❐ Check out the BMW 6-Series on Vossen Wheels photo gallery

The Musket 998 Bike Is Almost Finished and It Rides Like Heaven Photo Gallery

Aniket Vardhan has done it: his custom Musket 998Family Health is finally in final shape… and looks way better than we imagined it ever would. Not long ago we reported about the Musket 998, the dream project of US-based design teacher who wanted to build his own large-displacement engine from two Royal Enfield units. After painstaking efforts, the engine was ready and was extremely cool. Having it loaded on an unfinished frame left a lot to be imagined in the first place. However, the Musket 998 machine is now ready and has even been tested. We're going to show you some footage of the all-custom bike soon, too. Aniket rode the Musket 998 as hard as cold weather and snow allowed him to, and couldn't be happier: the bike delivers great torque right off idle and the beefed-up clutch does not slip, even with so many more HP added to the bike. Wiring, re-routing and custom badges are die in a short time. The Musket 998 also received symmetrical custom exhausts and has the sh

Russian Tuned Ferrari F430 from Status Design

⌕ Ferrari F430 SD SU35 photoWilling to drive a Ferrari F430? The Russian tuning company Status Design thinks you should pay it a visit. The tuner has created a complete modification package for the vehicle, targeting both the exterior and the engine compartment of the supercar. Dubbed SD SU35 (this is the name of a Russian fighter airplane), the kit upgrades the 430s V8 from 490 hp to 525 hp through the use of high-flow air filters, a sports exhaust system with a sound regulation feature and an ECU remap. This allows the car to offer a top speed of 202 mph (325 km/h). However, for the more demanding customers, the tuning company can install a Novitec Rosso supercharger that places the powerplant in the 700 hp league. The Ferrari F430 SD SUCrafts35 comes with a F430 Scuderia-inspired exterior finish, being dressed in red and wearing two gray racing stripes. The car borrows more from the Scuderia model than just the paint scheme, as it also comes with Scuderia front and rear bumpe

Gemballa to Debut Three Cars in Geneva

German tuner Gemballa, which reinvented itself last year after its owner was murdered, is now ready for a fresh start and will use the upcoming Geneva Motor Show to brings three new goodies. The first will be the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 race car (the one you see picture here), a development based on the 991 generation of the Porsche 911, as well as the second stage of its aftermarket program for the Cayenne. We musnt forget that Gemballa has always had a deep passion for Porsche vehicles, so we can expect to see complex developments next week when theHobbies, Games & Toys Swiss event opens its gates. In addition to that, Gemballa will also displayed previously-released models, such as the Mistralle, a development that pushes the Panamera Turbo to 721 hp. autoevolution will be attending the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, so stay tuned for some real up close and personal shots of the vehicles, as well as for first-hand details of the motorized contraptions presented at the event.

Full Carbon Trim for Ducati 999 by Arete Americana Photo Gallery

It goes almost without saying that the 999 was one of Ducati's most controversial machine ever. Some loved it, some hated it, but Bryan Petersen of New Jersey-based Arete Americana not only loves the 999, but also had some glorious ideas to make it simply breathtaking. It took Bryan one year of hard work to see the 999 ready, but the result is spectacular. After changing the fairings with new Ducati Performance F04 Carbon Fiber ones, Bryan trimmed them to incorporate two BMW M3 marker lights, as the mirror-integrated OEM ones went away. An 1098s Öhlins rear shock linked the 848 swingarm to the frame, while the same Swedes provided the top-notch FGRT210 forks. Forged aluminium Marchesini wheels came in place and machined Brembo monoblock calipers went on the 999, radial in the front and custom-mounted in the rear. Arete Americana also loaded a Yoyodyne clutch and matching Rizoma covers and a Toby steering damper. Radical Ducati brought in a custFashion, Style & Personal C

Mercedes C 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY by Superchips

⌕ Superchips Mercedes C 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY photoThe British tuners at Superchips have just released a new ECU remap for the Mercedes C 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY, which adds 34 bhp and 80 Nm to the power of the engine unit. Covering 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY variants across C / E / M / R and S-Klasse models, the ECU remap from Superchips has been validated by road and chassis dyno testing. As said, the resultCareers & Work of the Superchips ECU remap is an increase of 34 bhp at 3008 rpm, resulting in a maximum peak power figure of up to 284 bhp (up from a measured standard power output of 250 bhp.) There is also a decent spread of driveable power, as the tuners say, with over 250 bhp available from 2700-4400 rpm. The remap for the Mercedes C 350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY model delivers a significant boost in torque, which jumps from 587 Nm to 642 Nm at just 2469 rpm, which leads to a maximum gain of 80 Nm at 3008 rpm. The end result is a sharper, more exciting, more responsive driving

Mansory Lotus Evora Coming to Geneva

⌕ Mansory Lotus EvoraThe upcoming Geneva Auto Show will not only bring world premieres and model year changes to the world, but will also introduce a multitude of fresh aftermarket projects, with some of these playing in the stratosphere of the tuning world. One if these projects comes from Mansory, which is targeting the Lotus Evora, aiming to refine the British sports car. The Swiss tuner has only released two images that offer us a preview of the project, but hasnt given us any information related to it, so we have three weeks of waiting ahead of us. Judging by the images, the tuner is using a mild approach, only gifting the car with a set of aesthetic modifications. The company has used a carbon fiber approach, installing elements that use thisPets material: front bumper, side skirts, exterior mirrors, side air intakes, rear wing and diffuser. In addition to that, the vehicles standard rims have been ditched, being replaced with a set of custom ones that use a multi-spoke de