Range Rover Evoque Gets Vossen Wheels

The Range Rover Evoque is a car that can serve many purposes. The vehicle can be uses as an urban cruiser, a soft-road machine or a status display. This means that aftermarket developers want to take advantage of these possibilities and wRelationships & Familye are not here to talk about the latest development on this topic. US aftermarket company Vossen Wheels has recently targeted the crossover, gifting it with its goodies. The Evoque was fitted with a set of VVS083 rims machined rims, which use an elegant multi-spoke design that aims to complement the lines of the car. The company shot the demo car in its warehouse and while this might seem lazy, it does bring an interesting perspective, one that bewilders automotive enthusiasts: just think how it would be to have all those sets of rims at home? This is it – we know officially understand our female friends obsession with having a room dedicated to shoes…❐ Check out the Range Rover Evoque Gets Vossen Wheels pho

Koenigsegg Agera R is Pure Road Violence Video

Remember when a Koenigsegg Agera R played on the Ring and managed to perform a 400 km/h (248 mph) + pass? Were back on the topic to show you the same car, but this time the story is all about acceleration. The new clip, which comes from Youtube user Gumbal, also brings us a few extra fast fly-bys and we also get to see exhaust flames. Well remind you that the piece of machinery responsible for all this is a monster that allows the driver to play with 1140 hp Fashion, Style & Personal Careand can play the 0 to 62 mph game in 2.9 seconds, while it needs 14.5 seconds to get from zero to 186 mph (300 km/h). Of course, the powerplant also offers us a delicious soundtrack, so you should turn up the volume before hitting the play button.

SR 71 Mustang Sold for 375 000

⌕ SR-71 MustangThe first ever joint effort by American builders Jack Roush and Carroll Shelby, the SR-71 Mustang, didn't quite manage to sell for the targeted sum of $500,000, but came close enough. Following yesterday's auction at the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the two builders managed to get $375,000 for it from an unnamed buyer. As already announced, the money are to go to support the EAA Young Eagles, a nonprofit organization which provides educational flights for children. EAA has been over the years the recipient of Ford's unique auction vehicles, with the money raised by such events in the last 15 years being donated. Even if already bought, the car will remain on display at the Ford tent through Sunday at the AirVenture show. Built in honor of the SR-71 Blackbird long-range reconnaissance airplane, the vehicle also stands for the names of the two automotive icons: S for Shelby, R for Roush. It features

Ford Focus ST Wrapped in Metallic Blue Photo Gallery

Ford took a gamble bringing the Focus ST to the US. Sales of the regular hatchback haven't exactly been stellar. But it's brought them more customers who are younger than 35 and also boosted their image. Now that its job is done, the Focus ST can finally enjoy its much deserved day under the sun, with a bit of cosmetic pampering. The guys at Restyle It in Canada decided that what it needs is some new colors, so they wrapped it in matte metallic blue. The sharp shape of the ST must have posed some serious challenges, but there isn't a single blemish on the car. Let's just hope those hot exhaust pipes won't mess with the vinyl at the back. The mirrors were wrapped in frozen grey metallic, as was the front lip. TParties & Entertaininghe lights were tinted and of course the wheels are custom. Does the brand new 250 hp hot hatch really need anything more? We think not, which tell you Ford did a good job with the aggressive design.❐ Check out the Ford Focu

CDC International Carbon Roof Project Launched Photo Gallery

German aftermarket developer CDC International has recently introduced a project called Carbon Roof, with the company bragging that it can offer a roof made fCar Enthusiastsrom the wonder material for almost any vehicle. CDC can scan the roof of your can using 3D laser technology and the result is used to fabricate a carbon fiber replacement using CNC machines, while the final phase of the fabrication process sees the part being healed in a high-pressuer oven. The tuner allows you to choose the weave for your carbon roof. The companys roof structure database currently includes the Audi A3, A4, A5, A7, TT and R8, BMW M3 E46 and E92, M5, M6 E60, Mercedes C-Class, E-Class and S-Class, as well as the VW Golf (4-6), Polo (6N-9N) and Scirocco. Like we said, CDC can also scan the roof of other models in order to give these a carbon fiber one. To give you a pricing example, we have to tell you that a Golf 6 roof costs €899 ($1,196). The price may seem high, but you have to consider that,

VW Gold R Electrified by Cam Shaft Photo Gallery

The hothatch game has moved on in recent years. The new Golf R, with its 270 PS engine used to be enough car for anybody back when it was launched, but even the Megane RS is capable to match that, and things are more heated at the top. Getting straight to the point, German tuner Cam Shaft have targeted the Golf Rs 2-liter TFSI engine and boosted it from 270 PS and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque to 325 PS and 430 Nm (317 lb-ft) of torque. The mechanical package is completed by a new braking system from Tarox, replacing the stock one, and a sports suspension setup courtesy of H&R. These two pieces tie together nicely with a set of Ultraleggera wheels from OZ. The body of the Golf also got a theme from Cam Shaft Electrified, a spinoff from the name of the color which is called Electric Orange. The whole thing is one awePetssome foil wrap like nobody but Cam Shaft can pull off.❐ Check out the VW Gold R Electrified by Cam Shaft photo gallery

Cyclops Motorcycles SR400 Chopper the Far East Beauty Photo Gallery

It's almost impossible to mistake a Japanese custom build with anything else, even if we're considering other Asian countries, such as Indonesia or India. And Cyclops Motorcycle's new take on the ever-present Yamaha SR400 is the perfect example to prove our statement. First of all we'd be tempted to say that it looks like pretty much all builders are extremely fond of small, peanut tanks, as we saw them on countless occasions. While using these tanks for all the build might become fatiguing for both mind and eye, it is a great match for this SR400. Given the lowered seat and tall front end, the new line of the bike evokes the old-school choppers and everything rolls out white nice. Some might be a bit intrigued by the cast 7-spoked wheels and argue that laced ones might have been a better choice. While we also second that, there's no way of knowing the customization brief, so we have to believe this was the way things should have been. Rims aside, it's the

Bijan Rolls Royce Drophead The Luxury Banana Photo Gallery

Rolls-Royce has an obsession Personal Financefrom hiding the opulence of its cars a little bit and the company has made no exception with the Phantom Drophead Coupe. However, there are certain people who like to bring luxury into the obvious. Lets take the vehicle from the aforementioned images for example – the Bijan Edition Drophead. Why else would you dress your two-door Rolls in the color of a banana, if not to gather all the attention in the world? And to top the whole thing off, the interior comes with a matching color scheme. Thus, regardless if youre in the exterior or in the cabin of the car, you have to feast your eyes with yellow…❐ Check out the Bijan Rolls Royce Drophead: The Luxury Banana [Photo Gallery] photo gallery

Medaza Ducafe Ducati Heritage in a Custom Trim Photo Gallery

With a very recent success in the shape of the first prize at the 2013 AMD World Championship in the Freestyle class, the Irishmen at Medaza Cycles show another smooth satin-look custom beauty called Ducafe. Medaza's Don Cronin and Mick O'Shea started from an iconic Ducati: the Pantah, the first belt-driven camshaft machine from the Borgo Panigale manufacturer. Not exactly the most beautiful bike around, the MedPetsaza guys aimed at making the best of it. Modified V-Rod full billet wheels came into place for the distinctive, trademark look of the Irish workshop. Since the clean shine of bare metal is also one of the styling cues Medaza is recongnized for, it was only natural that the Ducafe received a custom, on-off aluminim bodywork and multiple matching accents. These include the polished engine covers, headlight bezel and the original gauge, now housed in a bespoke casing. Believe it or not, but the cafe-racer seat was covered in the leather sourced from on of Mick's

Chrome Red Foil Wrap on Audi R8 Video

Its quite amazing how foil can deliver things that we though to be impossible before. The car that supercar spotter Shmee150 filmed here might be just a regular old V8-powered R8, but the way it looks boggles the mind. The R8 was the car of choice for Tony Stark in both Iron Man movies, and we find it amusing that thBusinessis particular coupe version looks much like the Iron Man armor does, so we could actually call it chromed hotrod red if we wanted to. All thats missing is for the blades and the wheels to be painted gold. Were not the ones to decide if it was done in good taste or not, but just listen to that exhaust sound and tell us the chrome R8 is a boring car if you can. It almost sounds like its running on straight pipes with no catalyst… only in Dubai.