Samson Shows Silver Bullet Fishtail Extensions

Looking for the old-school looks for your Harley-Davidson touring machine? Samson has a nifty treat for you, in the shape of the Silver Bullet fishtail exhaust extensions, now offered in a 33" (84 cm) pipe. Easy to slip on the OEM headers of most 1995 through 2013 Harleys, the Samson Fishtails can provide your ride with up to 20% more torque and power, thanks to the more "open" architecture of the muffler. Samson also claims that the Silver Bullet cans will provide improved mileage, while delivering an awesome throaty tone superior to the stock ones. These Samson silencers are made in the US and normally come with chrome finish. However, upon special requests and for extra cash, they can also be coated in Sinister Black Ceramic. Boasting the classic in-your-face looks, the Samson Silver Bullet Fishtails retail for $349.95 (€264) ans are Auto Repairsold as pair. Seen on Biker Net. Follow this link to hear them.❐ Check out the Samson Shows Silver Bullet Fishtai

Factory Customised Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 4 For Sale

⌕ Vehicle gifted with custom goodies through the Ad Personam programThe Lamborghini Gallardo is the most successful model in the Raging Bulls history and you now have a chance to own one of this V10 beasts. We are talking about a bespoke example of the Gallardo LP560-4, which is being offered as a used vehicle by Lamborghini San Diego. The supercar comes finished in Nero Noctis (Gloss Black) with a matching Nero Perseus (Black) full leather interior. The special aura of the vehicle comes from the fact that its buyer chose to order special features through the factorys Ad Personam customization program. Thus, the car has been gifted with Verde Ulysses (Lime Green) interior stitching an brake calipers. The list of other options includes a gear paddle shift transmission, bluetooth, CD changer, leather headliner, travel package, Cordelia polished wheels, transparent engine bonnet, and navigation. Here's what the vehicle's description states: Presented here is the ever-so

Gold Rolls Royce Comes with 120kg of Solid Gold Finishes Video

⌕ Phantom of Rolls Royce is mixed with 120Kg of solid 18ct goldSince Rolls Royce appeared on the market, a very reserved one should i say, it targeted the Jet set. Offering a higher level of finishes and a particular luxury in a refined way. The older British models are very similarto an old bottle of fine french wine. When opening a bottle of old wine there can be felt the same exquisite perfume of the years that passed by it and this is the kind of feeling experienced in a masterpiece made bCar Enthusiastsy Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce Phantom according to some does not maintain the same perfume is its forefathers. But if the Phantom of Rolls Royce is mixed with 120Kg of solid 18ct gold the equation changes completely. The car has been modified by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, UK. in collaboration with Eurocash AG of Zug Switzerland.The car has been a special order an took almost 18 months to manufacture. Eurocash AG Switzerland wanted the car specially made for a client so the

MR Car Design Presents Audi S3 Black Performance Edition

⌕ Audi fans out there are surely satisfied with the S3 but the guys over at MR Car Design decided to give it a try and develop a more advanced version, somewhat like an unofficial RS3. The resulting model is indeed a much more powerful car, although it is still equipped with the 2.0-liter TFSI engine offered by Audi. To get straight to the point, the tuners used the aforementioned engine but added a sports exhaust system with optimized dynamic pressure, a big intercooler plus additional engine control software. The result is a maximum output of 337 horsepower and 450 Nm, up from the standard 265 horsepower and 350 Nm. The exterior has been improved with 8×19" Emotion-Wheels (Strada) hyper-black alloy rims that also contribute Petsto the overall braking performance. Dunlop Sportmaxx high performance tires 235/35 ZR19 are also included in the package. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing, but all these upgrades should be available for several thousands dollars.

Golf VI by RDX Racedesign

⌕ Golf VI by RDX RacedesignThe German tuner prepared a complete body kit for the Volkswagen Golf VI. They turned their attention to the Golf VI because of its popularity, accessibility to the general public and the fact that it was just released. Though RDX Racedesign won't provide any technical modifications, they believe the look of their bodykit will selVideo, Computer & Internet Gamesl because it gives the Golf VI a sexier exterior design. RDX sells the components of the body kit separately or as a set, with detailed instructions for self assembly, TUV certification and two-year warranty. The first element in the package is the headlight mask (49 euro including VAT). The headlights are delivered along with the required adhesive for an easy assembly. The second element offered by RDX Racedesign is the front spoiler extension (149 euro). The front spoiler gives the car a more race oriented look and has been created to be an easy fitting to the serial front bumper. The

APS Sportec Boosts Audi S5 to 425 BHP

⌕ Sportec Audi S5 photoThe British tuners at APS, importers of the Swiss based Sportec range of vehicle performance enhancements, announced the launch of a new performance upgrade for the 2009 onward models of the Audi S5 quattro coupé and cabriolet that are fitted with the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 TFSI powerplant. Dubbed Stage One, the upgrade package consists of a free flowing air filter element and an ECU remap, which have contributed to a rise in power from 328 bhp at 6000 rpm to 425 bhp at 6640 rpm, a gain of 97 bhp. The maximum torque output on the Audi S5 has also been increased thanks to the Stage One upgrade, now producing a maximum of 520 Nm (379 lb.ft) at 4250 rpm, compared to a peak figure of 440 Nm (325 lb.ft) from the factory. ⌕ Sportec Audi S5 Stage One performanceAccording to APS Sportec, over 80% of the maximum torque output is available from 2750 to 6250 rpm, which both perfectly suits the characteristics of the cars 7-speed S-Tronic transRelatio

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Wrapped in White Pearl VideoPhoto Gallery

If this S63 AMG looks familiar, its because Superior Automotive Design made a similar one in December last year. Now they are going for round two with a different theme approach. They ditched the 3M matte blue metallic wrap and replaced it with 3M satin white pearl instead. Every other trim piece on the car is covered in gloss black paint, including the three-pointed star Mercedes logo on the bonnet. To match with the rest, Superior fitted the performance saloon with 22-inch Vossen CV3 concave rims, that were painted in the same black tone ofcourse. With the looks revised, the tuner mounted a new exhaust system that opens up the flow a bit and they have retuned the engine on the dyno, so that the car will screetch its new Pirelli tires at each shift. ❟ood & Drink0; Check out the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Wrapped in White Pearl [Video][Photo Gallery] photo gallery

Lamborghini Gallardo on ADV1 Wheels Crazy Colors Photo Gallery

The Lamborghini Gallardo has to be the supercar that visits our tuning news area most frequently, but the example we are going to show you now is nothing short of a piece of eye candy. The project comes from the US, where Advance One Wheels played with a Gallardo that had previously received some aftermarket touches. The car was fitted with ADV10.0TS SL (Track Spec Super Light) rims, which use a gold/silver finish that creates a striking contrast with the blue hue of the car and an elegant multi-spoke design. As for the aforementioned previous modifications, the GallComputer Softwareardo had been fitted with a generously-sized carbon rear wing. as well as with an audio system that impresses just as much as its 5.2-liter V10 powerplant does.❐ Check out the Lamborghini Gallardo on ADV.1 Wheels photo gallery

2014 Jeep Wrangler Gets Flashy Updates from Vilner Photo Gallery

Since most people buy a Jeep Wrangler to enjoy the great outdoors, it's not surprising that Chryler's crossover is no Cadillac as far as interior features are concerned. But if you're looking to add some luxury to your Wrangler, the folks over at Vilner have an interesting proposition for the 20Family Health14 all-wheel drive Sahara. The seats are now wrapped in red leather with white stitching, while the dashboard and the doors received a more attractive black/red combo and some chrome detailing. Exterior modifications were applied as well, starting with a new set of black 20-inch wheels and LED headlamps. And because nothing says 'Merica better than chrome, Vilner added a bit more shine to the front grille, door handles, and the side mirrors. Lastly, the Wrangler's 2.8-liter diesel engine was upgrade to deliver 257 horsepower and 412 pound-feet of torque. The stock vehicle had 197 HP and 339 lb-ft under the hood.❐ Check out the 2014 Jeep Wrangler by Vi

Mansory Audi R8 V10 Spyder Photo Gallery

Now that the cold season is fully upon us, Mansory is gifting us with a new set of photos of its Audi R8 V10 Spyder tuning kit. Who knows, maybe enhanced aerodynamics and more power can help us ran away from snow and ice… As you can see, the topless German supercar is dressed in a body kit that includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, as well as a generously-sized rear wing, with the tuner offering some of the elements in carbon fiber. The vehicle now rides on a set of 20inch alloy rims that use a dark finish an a dynamic design. About the running we were mentioning above… the 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 unit of the car has been fitted with a sports air filter and a new exhaust, also receiving an ECU remap. This means that the unit produces an extra 27 hp and 20 Nm (15 lb-ft),Hobbies, Games & Toys allowing the driver to play with a total of 552 hp and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft). In case you dont manage to fool the bad weather, you should bring the top up – you